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Disney Kingdoms: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (BTMRR) is an iconic attraction at the Disney Parks. They have a little bit different theme to them, but they are all run away mine trains! And Marvel Comics has taken that run away train and turned it into the Wildest Comic in the Wilderness and put it in their Disney Kingdoms collection!

This is my first post talking about Disney Kingdoms, but in fact BTMRR is the 3rd story to come out of this collection. The 1st to come out was Seekers of the Weird, based on Disney Legend Rolly Crump’s Museum of the Weird. (If you don’t know what Museum of the Weird is… in a nutshell, Rolly Crump made up some really weird stuff when Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion was being imagined. Walt liked what he had, but didn’t know how it would fit. So Walt decided to have a “Museum of the Weird” that guess would walk thru after riding the Haunted Mansion. After Walt passed away, the museum idea got scrapped… Until this comic.)

The 2nd comic to come out in the Disney Kingdoms was Figment, based on that little purple dragon in Journey Into Imagination in Epcot. This series did so well that Marvel is come out with Figment 2, due out September 2015.

I’ll do a post on those first two series later, this one is about Big Thunder Mountain Railroad!

Story of the attractions are this: Big Thunder was sacred ground for local Indian tribes and the spirit of Big Thunder was not happy with the gold being removed from the mountain. The town(s) (different at different parks) and mining company suffered accidents from earthquakes (in Disneyland and Disneyland Paris) and flooding (in Magic Kingdom). The trains themselves began operating on their own, possessed by mischievous spirits. The town(s) became abandoned, but visitors still come to ride the haunted trains. (I feel like I should be eating a s’more telling that story… or at least a churro! Haha!)

Anyway, writer Dennis Hopless, artist Tigh Walker, along with the cover artists Pasqual Ferry (issues #1, #2, and #3) and Marcio Takara (issues #4, and #5) did an AMAZING job putting names and faces into the story of BTMRR. Now I don’t want to do a big old review on this series, but I do want to show some of the artwork and lil’ gems that were put into the story.

First off, the 5 covers!

(Cover Artiest: Pasqual Ferry)

(Cover Artiest: Pasqual Ferry)

(Cover Artiest: Pasqual Ferry)

(Cover Artiest: Pasqual Ferry)

(Cover Artiest: Pasqual Ferry)

(Cover Artiest: Pasqual Ferry)

(Cover Artiest: Marcio Takara)

(Cover Artiest: Marcio Takara)

(Cover Artiest: Marcio Takara)

(Cover Artiest: Marcio Takara)

Now, have you ever watch a Disney movie and seen the little Easter Egg’s (Hidden Mickey’s) the animators slip in? I love to watch Disney movie and look for those… And Marvel does it in these comics. Some are part of the stories. Some are just in the background. But I think they are a perfect way to really connect the comic to the attraction.

Like good ol’ Banabas T. Bullion. (If you haven’t been on BTMRR in the Magic Kingdom at WDW in a while, take a look at this guy… he looks a little familiar…)

Tony Baxter looking out from his window on Main Street? Haha!

Tony Baxter looking out from his window on Main Street? Haha!

And there’s this smiling guy! No “bones” about it, you’ve seen him.


The busy town of Rainbow Ridge!

Rainbow Ridge

DUCK! …I mean GOAT!!!

The Goat

Like I said, I don’t want to give anything away. But here is a small look inside the mine… Ohh… colors!

Rainbow Caverns

And it’s not Disney without…

A Hidden Mickey

A Hidden Mickey

BTMRR is a must get for any Disney Park fan. As are the other two series, Seekers of the Weird and Figment. They are great backstories to the attractions we all love! But here’s what is cool! The editors have expressed a goal of creating a cohesive “Disney Earth” composed of these attraction stories with connections becoming more apparent as the imprint goes on. (I got this statement from Disney Wiki. I did read it a while back in Marvel’s website, but can not find it at this time.)

There are 2 options to get these series: 1) Get the issue, one at a time, as they become available. And 2) You can get the Hardcover after all 5 issues have been released. In the Hardcover you get ALL 5 issues!

The Hardcovers for Seekers of the Weird and Figment are out now! And Hardcover for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad goes on sale in October, 2015.

Anyway, Disney Kingdoms: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad… go get it if you want to know why that mountain is so upset! And while you’re at it, pick up Seekers and Figment! (I’ll have a post on those later.)

Thanks for reading! °o°


Art of the Disney Parks

One of my favorite things to see at Disney Parks is the attraction posters! Back when Disneyland opened, Walt had some of his artist create these amazing posters to give guests a little preview of the adventures they will see and live in his park. They are a lot like the movie posters you see at your local movie theater showing what is playing or coming soon.


Attraction posters in the park (Picture is from the book)

Poster Art of the Disney Parks by Danny Handke and Venessa Hunt was a book I HAD TO HAVE! I started my collection of (what I call) Vintage Disney Attraction Posters when I was younger (don’t remember the exact year), and when this book was announced I knew I had to get it. I mean, it’s a book about Disney Parks, Disney History… and it’s mostly pictures! Haha!

Pirates of the Caribbean was my very first poster. I got it (ordered it) from the Disney Gallery when it was located in what is now the Disney Dream Suite, above the Pirates of the Caribbean in Disneyland.

Pirates of the Caribbean (1967), Disneyland by Collin Campbell (Picture from my collection)

Pirates of the Caribbean (1967), Disneyland by Collin Campbell (Picture from my collection)

In the book, they not only show you posters that you can see in the parks today. But also some concept artwork.

Pirates of the Caribbean concepts, Disneyland by Collin Campbell

Pirates of the Caribbean concepts, Disneyland by Collin Campbell

Who doesn’t love the Jungle Cruise!?

Jungle Cruise (River) (1955), Disneyland and WDW by Bjorn Aronson (Picture from my collection)

Jungle Cruise (River) (1955), Disneyland and WDW by Bjorn Aronson (Picture from my collection)

And here are some concepts that were drawn up for Walt Disney World.

Jungle Cruise concept, WDW by Sam McKim

Jungle Cruise concept, WDW by Sam McKim

Jungle Cruise concept, WDW by Sam McKim

Jungle Cruise concept, WDW by Sam McKim

Jungle Cruise concept, WDW by Sam McKim

Jungle Cruise concept, WDW by Sam McKim

The book gives you a quick example of the Screen Printing Steps.

Screen Printing Steps Example

Above I showed my Jungle “River” poster. It was there to help promote the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland in 1955. But the same print is also use in Walt Disney World. Sometimes they use the prints in more the one park. And other times they will just change a couple of details (adapt) to make them park specific. This first picture is of Disneyland’s Monorail, the second is of WDW’s Monorail.

Disneyland Monorail (1961), Disneyland by Paul Hartley (Picture from my collection, signed my Bob Gurr)

Disneyland Monorail (1961), Disneyland by Paul Hartley (Picture from my collection, signed my Bob Gurr)

Walt Disney World Monorail System (1971), WDW by Colin Cambell

Walt Disney World Monorail System (1971), WDW by Colin Cambell

(Side note on the Disneyland Monorail poster. This one is my favorite out of my collection. My wife got it for me for Christmas. And that ‘scribble’ under the Monorail is actually Bob Gurr’s autograph. No really, I have the letter of authenticity to prove it! ) 🙂

Kind of cool to see them side-by-side and see the little differences. Another couple of posters I like to see side-by-side is the Haunted Mansion posters.

Haunted Mansion (1969), Disneyland by Ken Chapman and Marc Davis (Picture from my collection)

Haunted Mansion (1969), Disneyland by Ken Chapman and Marc Davis (Picture from my collection)

Haunted Mansion (1971), WDW by George Jenson (Picture from my collection)

Haunted Mansion (1971), WDW by George Jenson (Picture from my collection)

Same poster design, the mansion is different in the background to match the park. This next poster is cool too! Still has that “haunted” feel, as the other ones, but a different style with more detail.

Phantom Manor (1992), Disneyland Paris by Dan Goozee

Phantom Manor (1992), Disneyland Paris by Dan Goozee

I can talk about EVERY poster in this book, but I’m not going to. Instead I’m going to just show posters from my collection and some in the book. So please enjoy this old school slideshow method… (you just keep scrolling down to see the next picture. I don’t have to a budget to get all fancy. Haha!)

Matterhorn Bobsleds (1959), Disneyland by Paul Hartley

Matterhorn Bobsleds (1959), Disneyland by Paul Hartley

Matterhorn Bobsleds concept by Paul Hartley

Matterhorn Bobsleds concept by Paul Hartley

Space Mountain (1977), Disneyland by Jime Michaelson, Ernie Prinzhorn, and Ruby Lord (Pictured from my collection)

Space Mountain (1977), Disneyland by Jime Michaelson, Ernie Prinzhorn, and Ruby Lord (Pictured from my collection)

Space Mountain (2010), WDW by Josh Holtsclaw

Space Mountain (2010), WDW by Josh Holtsclaw

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (1979), Disneyland and WDW by Jim Michaelson, Rudy Load, and Greg Paul (Picture from my collection)

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (1979), Disneyland and WDW by Jim Michaelson, Rudy Load, and Greg Paul (Picture from my collection)

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad concept, Disneyland and WDW by Jim Michaelson

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad concept, Disneyland and WDW by Jim Michaelson

Okay, stop scrolling of a sec. This next two posters I think are really cool. This first one is for the Flying Saucers. Cool design by Rolly Crump. The next one is for Luigi’s Flying Tires. (Yes, I know both of those attractions weren’t the best and aren’t around anymore. But here is why I think these two are cool.) Flying Tires came around about 50 years after Flying Saucers. Flying Tires was the same as Flying Saucers, just updated a little(ish). I think same can be said about the posters. The man sitting in the Flying “Tire” looks pretty similar to the man sitting in the Flying “Saucer”. And both posters have kind of the same “look” to them. I looked at these two posters and think of it as a nod to the original attraction!

Flying Saucers (1961), Disneyland by Rolly Crump

Flying Saucers (1961), Disneyland by Rolly Crump

Luigi's Flying Tires (2010), DCA by Greg Maletic

Luigi’s Flying Tires (2010), DCA by Greg Maletic

This book has it all! They show posters that can be found in the parks today, concept artwork, and even posters for attractions that are now gone and missed. I find it really fun to just thumb thru the book and look at the different posters up close. It kind of takes me back to the parks… you know? But I also like to use the book as a kind-of catalog to help narrow down which posters I would like to get the next time I’m at the parks. Haha! Here are some that are on my list for my next trip. 🙂

Casa de Fritos (1955), Disneyland by Bjorn Aronson (The birthplace of Doritos!)

Casa de Fritos (1955), Disneyland by Bjorn Aronson (The birthplace of Doritos!)

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (2008), Disneyland by Danny Handke

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride (2008), Disneyland by Danny Handke

“it’s a small world” 1964-65 New York World’s Fair by Paul Hartley (1963)

PeopleMover (1967), Disneyland by Ken Chapman

PeopleMover (1967), Disneyland by Ken Chapman

(All the pictures in this post were taken from my personal collection or from the book.)

If you have a chance, I highly suggest getting this book if you’re a Disney Parks fan. Totally worth it! Thanks for reading!

MY Favorite Attraction at Disneyland

If you’re a big Disneyland/Walt Disney World fan like I am, you probably get asked this a lot “What is your favorite attraction (ride)?” And is it just me, or it is really hard to give that ONE answer? To be honest I could list every attraction and say its my favorite… Yes even Stitch at the Magic Kingdom! Haha!

Before I continue on… Yes, I’m that guy that will call Disney “rides” attractions. :o) And in my book, not all attractions are rides. ;o)

In this post I’m going to tell you my favorite attraction at Disneyland… for each land! (That’s one of loopholes I use to give more then just one answer. I’m sure you’ll see a few of those in this post. Haha!)


Main Street, U.S.A

Main Street itself! I love walking thru the turnstile of the park, going thru the tunnel (usually the right one), and walking on to Main Street. The music playing, the smells, the colors… It just feel like home to me!

Main Street USA


Growing up and taking our trips to Disneyland (almost) every summer, we’d head down Main Street and take a left to head over to Splash Mountain first… Until Indiana Jones Adventure opened! That was (is) the first attraction we hit in the morning. BUT, not my favorite in Adventureland. Don’t get me wrong, great attraction and I love it. Even have a lot of fun memories on that attraction. But my favorite attraction in Adventureland is Jungle Cruise! This classic is an opening day attraction. It was based on Disney’s award winning True-Life Adventure films. When it opened, in 1955,  the landscape was pretty, but from pictures I’ve seen… not much of a jungle. It also had more of a serious and education tone to it. But in the early 1960’s, with the help from Marc Davis, we have a more lighthearted and funny Jungle Cruise. And after 60 years… it really looks like a jungle now!


And why is the Jungle Cruise one move my favorites? Well… I took my wife on Magic Kingdom’s Jungle Cruise in Walt Disney World for the first time. And about the 2nd joke into the cruise, she turned to me and said “I know why you like this ride so much.” :o)


My favorite attraction in Frontierland is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. From the “Imagination” of Disney Legend Tony Baxter. This attraction took over the area where Rainbow Caverns Mine Train, Rainbow Mountain Stagecoach, Conestoga Wagon’s, and the Living Desert use to be. Construction started (at Disneyland) in 1979 and opened on Sep. 2nd 1979. (A little over a year before I was born… hmm…) One thing I found interesting about Big Thunder is that it was one of the first Disney attractions to utilize CAD (Computer-Aided Design).


The detail of the whole attraction really helps make it my favorite attraction in Frontierland… And the fact that it’s “The Wildest Ride in the Wilderness”!

New Orleans Square

This is the one of the hardest lands to pick a favorite attraction for me. New Orleans Square is probably my favorite “land”. And it houses both Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean.

It is okay to have a tie?! Wait, this is my list, so yes! It’s a tie! :o)

I don’t know if its because of detail that’s on these attractions, the story telling, or the history of these attractions. I’m going to have to go with a 3-way tie on this one.

The Pirates of the Caribbean is a classic. The theming is spot on! When you are on this attraction, you do not feel like you’re in Southern California. And the history of it… kind of makes me sad. Pirates was the last attraction Walt Disney himself participated in designing. It opened on March 18th, 1967, 3 months after his death. Pirates is a must do for me every day I’m at the park. And every time I ride it I think “Man, Walt never got to ride this”. Then I duck to miss the canon balls! :o) I’ll have to do a post on Pirates sometime.


The Haunted Mansion has a LONG history to it. And I also can do a post at some point about the Haunted Mansion. When Walt first dreamed up Disneyland and started some of the early sketches for the park, there was always a creepy house (mansion) in the distance. It wasn’t until 1969 that this creepy mansion showed up in Disneyland. Like I said, I could do a whole post on the Haunted Mansion. And it’s usually my go-to when I HAVE to give that one “ride” answer. Heck, I have the wallpaper tattooed on my arm! And this is the Hatbox Mouse blog. :o)


Critter Country

Everybody has a laughing place! And for me, that just so happens to be The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh! Just kidding it’s Splash Mountain! (Winnie the Pooh is a great attraction, just not my favorite in Critter Country.)

Like I said before, Splash use to be our first “ride” of the day, until Indiana Jones and the Temple of the 4 Hour Wait opened. (Heard that joke on the Jungle Cruise one time.) Based on the 1946 Disney classic (that is band in the U.S.) “Song of the South”, we follow Br’er Rabbit on his quest for adventure and his “laughing place”. All while trying to outwit old Br’er Bear and Br’er Fox. Again, from the mind of Disney Legend Tony Baxter. Construction started in 1988 and opened in 1989.


I just really like everything about this attraction. The details, the history, the songs… And that 50 foot drop is pretty fun too! Another Disneyland attraction I’ll have to do a post on!


Fantasyland is full of opening day attractions. And they are based off of some great movies. This is another land that is hard to pick just one attraction. No, I’m not going to do a 13-way tie. My favorite attraction in Fantasyland is Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride! I always loved watching Disney’s “The Wind in the Willows”. Heck, I still like watching it! (You can find it on NetFlix.)


It’s just a good old ride that takes you on Mr. Toad’s adventure. And the only Disney attraction that take you to HELL! (All thought, Indy gets you pretty close I think. Haha!) Anyway, opening day attraction that still holds up! And one little secret I think is pretty cool, is Mr. Toad is on the “first floor” of Toad Hall. And right upstairs, on the second floor of Toad all, is Alice in Wonderland. Once you think about it, it make total since. But the way Disney does it’s magic, it actually took me reading it somewhere before I really noticed it.


Tomorrowland… Man, talk about history there! Tomorrowland has been changed more then any other land in Disneyland. If you want to know more about Tomorrowland’s history, check out the Sweep Spot Podcast. Hosts Lynn Barron and Ken Pellman do a great job covering Tomorrowland’s History in a 4 part series. Check it out!

Anyway, my favorite attraction in Tomorrowland is Space Mountain! It opened in 1977. Coaster number 2 to come to Disneyland. Another ride that was dreamed up by the man (Walt Disney) that he wouldn’t get to ride. He had the idea of a space-themed coaster after the success of the Matterhorn. But do to a number of factors, the idea was put on a shelf. Until 1975 when the Magic Kingdom got it.


It’s a roller coaster in the dark! What’s not to love…? (Other then the fact you get slammed around cause you have no idea which way the coaster is going to go.) Haha! Love the way it looks from the outside. And no, I have never been on it when it has stopped and the light had to come on. But I would love it if that happened!

Mickey’s Toontown

Mickey’s Toontown… when I heard it was opening in 1993, I could not wait to see it. I really liked the movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” and who doesn’t love cartoon. Here was a land that put YOU in a cartoon.

But my favorite attraction is Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin! It’s a lot like Mr. Toad, with a different spin. (See what I did there… “spin” Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon SPIN…)


Anyway, I had heard about this as a kid and forgot about it till I read it on Wikipedia. There were plans to have a “Hollywoodland” at Disneyland. But (I guess) with the success of Magic Kingdom’s Mickey’s Birthdayland, Disney decided to do Mickey’s Toontown in Disneyland instead. Think the Roger Rabbit attraction work better in Toontown instead of Hollywoodland.

Honorable Mentions…land?

Yes, yes… one last loophole. I had a hard time placing these two attractions. First is the Disneyland Railroad. The Disneyland Railroad is a classic, hands down. It circles the park and stops at 4 stations, Main Street U.S.A., New Orleans Square, Mickey’s Toontown, and Tomorrowland. I had a hard time picking which “land” to put it with… so I just did it this way.


Nothing better then jumping on the train and going around the park when you’re nice a tires. And just for the record… yes, my favorite station for the Disneyland Railroad is New Orleans Square.

The other attraction that I had to mention, but I don’t know where to put it, is the Matterhorn. First tubular steel coaster in the world, built in 1959. It is always fun to spot when you’re getting close to Disneyland. And another attraction with a lot of cool history.


Matterhorn was built on the boarder of Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. (And I like to think that with the 2 tracks on the Matterhorn, each land got one. Haha!) It wasn’t until the early 1970’s when the attraction was officially made part of Fantasyland. But because this is my list, I’m going to say it still sits on BOTH lands. And that’s way I have it with the Disneyland Railroad, as an attraction that’s in multiple lands. :o)

So there is it! My favorite attraction at Disneyland… in each land!

I actually like all the attractions! Just thought it would be fun to highlight my favorite ones in each land in Disneyland.

The NEW Disney Comics!

Earlier I did a post about Marvel’s Groot #1. In that, I kind of explained how I never really got into comics as a kid, but after the whole Disney/Marvel thing I am starting to get into it. Later on I’ll do a post about the Disney Kingdom series that Marvel is putting out. But this post is about Disney Comics that is being done by IDW Publishing.

Earlier this year (2015), IDW announced that they will be debuting a new collection of Disney Comics. So far, as of today (July 1st), they have put out 6 new issues; with more schedules later in the year.

First issue to come out (in April) was Uncle Scrooge #1 (48 pages):

At the time, I onlyUncle Scrooge #1 knew that IDW was putting out new Disney Comics. So I went to the comic book shop looking for Uncle Scrooge #1. I was shocked to find this variant cover. It’s part of what they are calling “Disney Comics Legacy Covers”, and as you can see, it’s the adventurous Uncle Scrooge on Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise. I had to have it! There are 3 stories in the book, all done with a retro feel, but yet modern… Anyway, in the back of the issue, I saw a “schedule” of the next Disney Comics that will be coming out. (Have the schedule down below.)

In May, IDW released Uncle Scrooge #2 and Donald Duct #1:

Uncle Scrooge #2  Donald #1

May’s “theme” was Tomorrowland. So both Scrooge #2 and Donald #1’s “Legacy Covers” were themed with Tomorrowland! (Sorry, I thought it would be funny to add Donald’s Disney Infinity piece to the picture to show his dislike of ride-photos.)

When you see the schedule below, you will see that both June and December are “Top Secret”… But, June is actually really cool! The theme is Disneyland’s 60th Diamond Anniversary! I was able to find and pick-up Uncle Scrooge #3 and Donald Duck #2:

Scrooge #3 Donald #2

But I have been unable to find Mickey Mouse #1: Disney Comics Legacy Cover:

(From IDW website)

(From IDW website)

But I was able to get this variant cover of Mickey Mouse #1:

Mickey #1

He is a Legend. He is an Icon. And yes, he’s a Mouse! Haha!

Here are the up coming comics to be coming out, and their theme for the month:


As you can see, July with have 4 issues coming out! Uncle Scrooge #4, Donald Duck #3, Mickey Mouse #2 and Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #721… #721!?!? I’ll explain that in a sec. To me it sounds like Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories will be issues with different stories with some of our favorite characters (Goofy, Minnie, Pluto, and many more)!

And what I think is really cool about these issues, is the new IDW titles of Scrooge, Donald, and Mickey start as #1’s, but continues their classic legacy number inside the issues. (Example: Mickey Mouse #1, the legacy number is 310) IDW isn’t renumbering everything, they are maintaining the original number. And that is why the IDW’s Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories issue is starting with #721. Pretty cool!

If you have a chance, check out these new Disney Comics put out by IDW Publishing!

Humphrey the Bear!

Humphrey the Bear… He’s got to be one of my favorites. He is a big, foolish, brown bear, that is always trying to find easy (different) ways of doing things. But unfortunately he has only done a few of cartoon shorts.

Humphrey first appeared in 1950 in the Goofy cartoon Hold That Pose, where Goofy tries to take his picture.L_42567_dd450688

After working with Goofy, Humphrey teamed up with Donald Duck in four classic cartoons:

(1953 - First cartoon with Donald)

(1953 – First cartoon with Donald)







But in 1956, Humphrey got the big brake and starred in his own cartoons:

(1956 - First 'solo' cartoon)

(1956 – First ‘solo’ cartoon)



In The Bag is my favorite Humphrey cartoons. Ranger J. Audubon Woodlore (voiced by Bill Thompson) is discussed with all the litter in his park. He comes up with a plan on how to get the bears to help him clean up. And this plan (game) comes a long a little song with WILL get stuck in your head:

“First you stick a rag, put it in the bag, bump-bump,

Then you bend your back, put it in the sack, bump-bump,

That’s the way it’s done – it’s a lot of fun, bump-bump,

Cuttin’ capers, puttin’ papers in the bag.”

That song was so popular (in 1956) that Disney released a version of it as a single called “The Humphrey Hop”. (The instrumentation is similar, but the vocals are different… Either way, it will get stuck in you head!)


Shortly after the In The Bag short, Disney discontinued making theatrical shorts. But when the “shorts division” closed, (I found this to be very interesting) Humphrey was one of only seven (7) Disney characters to have their own series of cartoons that they starred in, and that opened up with their own logo.

Now the other part that shocked me was who the other six Disney characters where. The first four are a given… Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and Pluto. Chip ‘n Dale (counted as one) are #5. But this 6th one was a surprise to me… Figaro, from Pinocchio! Pinocchio is my favorite ‘classic’ Disney movies, and I didn’t know that little history about Figaro… Guess I’ll have to do some research, and maybe a blog about it!

Anyway, back to Humphrey… Humphrey did however make some cameos in later years:

Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers: “Bearing Up Baby”

Goof Troop: “You Camp Take It With You”

Mickey Mouse Works

House of Mouse

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Minnie’s Bow-Toons

Humphrey is also on some merchandise for Animal Kingdom, Frontierland, and Pin Trading signs around the parks. Humphrey is also the base of the totem pole (with Mickey, Goofy, and Donald) for Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.

Disney's Wilderness Ladge

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

(Disneyland Pin Trading)

(Disneyland Pin Trading)

Humphrey’s cartoons are defiant classics (I think). I always got excited to see one come on the Disney Channel when I was a kid. You can YouTube any of the classic ones I listed above. I Just wish he had more.

Anyway, that’s my little blurb about Humphrey T. Bear!

Thanks for reading!

Let The Countdown Begin!

Really excited today! Last night my wife and I book our Disney Cruise!

The Disney Magic crew wouldn’t be complete without Captain Mickey, who greet guests onboard the ship. Special visits from favorite Disney characters are guaranteed to delight the entire family every day on the Disney Magic. (Matt Stroshane, photographer)

Captain Mickey (Matt Stroshane, photographer)

We got married back in May, of this year, and we are doing the cruise as our honeymoon. My wife didn’t want deal with a chance of a hurricane, and I didn’t think that was a bad idea! Haha! So we decided to do our cruise at the end of November, beginning of December… And living in Colorado, that time is perfect to go down to the Caribbean! So we sat down last night, and booked our cruise for the Caribbean in December. Can not wait!!!

DisneyFantasyDumbo disney-fantasy-cruise-ship-pool-night

We will be cruising on the Disney Fantasy. And as soon as we can, we will be making reservations to Palo! (Really looking forward to eating there.) It’s going to be a LONG 6 months (169 days… but who’s counting), but just looking at the ship, it’s going to be totally worth it!

This will be my wife’s 2nd cruise and my 1st, but 1st time for the both of us on a Disney Cruise.

This is another short post. I was just excited to have just booked our honeymoon/newest Disney trip! 🙂

Please leave any tips or suggestions in the comments below. And thanks for following!


A little more about me… As I said before, I’m a big Disney nut! But I’m also into technology/gadgets. (I have my dad to thank for that.) My dad always had a new toy (gadget) that he would be playing with. A lot of them were cool! And well, like I said, I got that bug from him! But now’a days it’s more smartphones and apps… Last year my wife (girlfriend at the time) gave me an early (2 months early) birthday gift, money to go out and get a smartwatch. (I don’t know if she did it cause she knew how much I wanted one, or if she did it just to shut me up about them!  Haha!) Anyway, I went out and got one. I didn’t get the one that JUST came out (Moto 360), but instead I got the older model (G Watch by LG). I wanted to make sure that I would actually start wearing a watch again before I bought the more expensive watch. Well, now I feel weird NOT wearing a watch again! I’ve had this watch now sense September 2014.

So what does “getting a smartwatch” have to do with Disney!? Well, when you take a smartwatch (example: my G Watch) and add a Disney nut (me). Then add a very cool watch face making app (Facer), you can come up with some really cool watch faces! (Now yes, you can do WAY more with a smartwatch then just change the face and tell time. But this isn’t a smartwatch blog… It’s a Disney blog! 🙂 )

Facer is an app that I found that allows you to make your own watch face, and it really easy to use. Just a couple of mathematical equations and code (all explained in the app and very easy to use) and you have your own custom watch face. You can download faces that someone has already made at Some Disney some not! But a lot of great stuff!

My 4 year old niece loves to see who I have on my watch each time she see’s me. Some days I will have Mickey Mouse:

Mickey Mouse (I didn’t make this one… I got it from a developer off the XDA app)

Sometimes it’s Donald Duck:

Donald (This one is my own, made using Facer. Both of his hands swing around. I can have them go with hours/minutes, seconds… whatever code I put in there.)

Sometimes is Goofy:

Goofy (I didn’t make this one. Got it off the Facer share site. His hand run backwards… Cause he’s Goofy!)

Or Olaf:

Olaf (I made this one. There is a bee that flies by, just not pictured.)

Sometimes its Lumiere and Cogsworth:

Cogsworth (Made this one also. Cogworth’s face tell the actual time and his pendulum swings.)

Sometimes it’s Ralph:

Ralph (One of the newest ones I’ve made. His hand move up and down cause he’s “Gonna Wreck It!”)

And when it’s Halloween season, it’s the Haunted Mansion:

Haunted Mansion (I made this one (one of my firsts), but there is some like it on the share site. Just like the attraction, a shadowy hand moves across the face.)

And sometime… it just my logo:

HatboxMouse (Made this one. Thought it would look cool on my watch as I was making up my logo. The “mouse hand” swings the hatbox back and forth.)

Being 4, my niece like them, but wants more!!! So far her requests are: DaisyMinnie, and Spiderman! I am currently working on those. But, because I can be a kid myself sometimes, I thought I would also try out: The White Rabbit, Willie the Giant, Oswald… The list goes on! 🙂

So there we go! Started with smartwatches, but brought it right back to Disney! Haha! Making these (and finding them) is just another little hobby/collection of mine. I do it just for the fun and love of Disney… And its a really fun gadget!